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I am a health coach and author who enjoys getting new messages out to people via podcast or blog. I am extremely passionate about collaborating with like-minded individuals in the wellness field, working on the mind, body, or spirit. My goal is to inspire people to embrace new techniques to improve their well-being so they can embody the highest version of themselves.


I wanted to take the time to share my love for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  I started this website after taking their health coaching class. I have continued to use their services ever since. They are ALWAYS staying current on all things wellness and encourage everyone to live their best life.


If you are interested in learning about health, nutrition, and overall wellness,  click here to download a sample class to learn more.



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Ayurveda (Idiot's Guide)

By: Sahara Rose


Discovering your Dharma:

A Vedic Guide To Finding your Purpose

By: Sahara Rose 

Light Is The New Black

By: Rebecca Campbell

You Can Heal Your Life

By: Lousie Hay 

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Anatomy Of The Spirit

By: Caroline Myss


The Power Source

By: Lauren Roxburgh


The Secret

By:Rhonda Byrne 

The Energy Cure

By: William Bengston

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