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Check Out My New Book!

“A refreshing, easy-to-read introduction about mind, body, and spirit. This collection of personal accounts of the author’s growth will not only illustrate how connecting the Triangle of Life helped Heather Carrocio, but also provides a sneak peek into topics such as reiki, yoga, Ayurveda, ancient practices, energy, and so much more. Pick up a copy and dive into these fascinating topics.” Aaron Paul Lazar, USA Today Bestseller Author

Sweet Talk

Melissa Furman

The content Wellness Matters provides is very accurate and right on the spot. It helps to navigate each and every day!

I would recommend Wellness Matters to everyone who needs changes in their overall wellness, understanding different things about what their life needs, body needs, and mental health needs.

Ashley Hamilton

Stephanie Cirringione

The content on WellnessMatters is insightful and full of variety. The topics range from how our bodies work to mental health to what is in our food!

Heather is deliberate, thoughtful, intelligent, and calm. With each topic, she provides facts or other resources to encourage future learning.

I would recommend Wellness Matters to everyone! Anyone who gets a chance to work with or know Heather will come away a healthier person physically and mentally!

I would describe Heather as a great listener, fun, caring, and uplifting. It feels like you're talking to a life long friend after just meeting her.

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