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Take Your Power Back!

I'm sure you are curious about the title of this blog. It came to me as I was packing for a trip I am taking starting tomorrow. Truth be told, I get so excited for vacations and always say yes, and then as the time gets closer I get nervous about the unknowns. Will I sleep okay? Will my kids have a good time? How will our flights be? As I was dwelling and not being as efficient as I could be while packing I said out loud that is enough! I do not need to feel this way just because I always have in the past. I am taking my power back! I put on some calming music and remembered that I am in control of the thoughts going on in my head. This is the beautiful part of being human. We get to change our stories in an instant. I've worked a lot on my thoughts over the last few years and here is what I have figured out:

Changing old thought patterns will not be easy. I believe somewhere in our lives we were told or came up with certain stories we tell ourselves because they seemingly helped at some point. We said them over and over and truly believe them. However, if we do an inventory of all our stories many of them no longer serve a purpose. We then can lovingly let that story go and replace it with one that is more fitting.

Every thought I think is creating my future. This is completely self-explanatory but needs to be said over and over for us to truly believe it. I can continue to worry about the "what if's" of my trip and spiral into panic or I can stop myself in my tracks and literally say "NO" and change that thought. Thoughts are just thoughts and can be rearranged at that moment. Now all of a sudden my packing experience is much more enjoyable and my future is much calmer.

Persistence, persistence, persistence. This is the one that gets in the way of all of us trying to be more intentional with our thoughts. We tend to want results immediately and rewiring our brains just doesn't work like that. Think of all the years you have been telling yourself these stories. It's just not possible to remove them and replace them in a day or even a week. However, I have found relief in that moment of replacing old stories. The tricky part is doing it over and over when the old stories come flooding back. That is where the persistence comes in.

It is okay to feel frustrated. I can't tell you how many times I have fallen off this wagon. The most important thing to do is to treat yourself like you would a child. You wouldn't scold a child for making mistakes or not perfecting something so you shouldn't do that to yourself. Give yourself so much grace and love to know that getting back on that wagon only takes one positive thought. One thought that will lead to another and pull yourself out of that negative hole.

Some of my top affirmations I am using now. I am safe, I love myself completely, I forgive myself and those around me,and I am a magnet for love, abundance, and opportunities. I know it may seem silly to say these words over and over but remember, your thoughts create your future. You can have thoughts of being a victim, such as no one likes me, I'm not good enough, or I don't have money, which, in the end, is what the universe is hearing from you. Or you can take your power back and change those limiting beliefs into loving positive ones and see how that feels. It's not an easy road but I know that's the road I'll be on.

It is my greatest hope that everyone who reads this blog will take a moment to say one positive thing to themselves right now (seriously...DO IT NOW). That truly is how fast and powerful one's thoughts can be. Remember to be gentle with yourself and know that all good things take time. Being intentional with your every thought is near impossible but when you find yourself repeating a limiting belief, stop yourself and replace it with something better. This is a lifelong journey but wouldn't you rather be on the one that cultivates love and joy?

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