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Protecting Your Energy

The older I get the more I think of each day in terms of energy. How much energy will I be expending doing the thing I've been dreading doing? How many hours until I can put back more energy in my tank? I'm not even joking, I have these thoughts all day every day now. I have finally realized how important it is for me to know my limits and how to keep adding energy for my well-being. We have all heard that if we don't fill our own cup we won't be any good for those around us. We all hear that statement but don't truly listen to it or don't know how to better protect the incoming and outgoing energy. Well, that's about to change. There are three main ideas to protecting your energy: grounding, cleansing, and protecting. Get used to saying those three words. Let them sink into your cellular memory and make this shift happen! In my opinion, all three principals should be practiced daily. I will give multiple examples on how to incorporate them.

Grounding can be viewed just like how it sounds, grounding with the earth. We are all part of the ecosystem so the more you understand that we are made up of all the earth's elements the better. Lean on them to make you feel alive. Sit next to water and hear the waves. Feel the soil that all our trees and plants are rooted in. Take deep and purposeful breaths of fresh air. Get lost in the trance of watching a flame. Start to appreciate the beauty that we are surrounded with and pause to make that realization sink in. More grounding ideas:

  • If you can (weather permitting), stand barefoot on the ground. Close your eyes and visualize that your feet are growing roots down into the earth. See those roots go all the way to the core of our planet and taking energy up those roots back to your feet and up your entire body. I know it sounds silly and childish but reclaiming your power and energy is not silly so it's time to let those negative stories fall away. I promise, the bully you dealt with in elementary school won't pop out behind your bushes (ha ha). Do this as many times as you need throughout your day.

  • Start to pay attention to your thoughts. It is SO important to start changing your self-talk. The more you become aware of the mean things you say in passing the more you can start to correct them. Just start becoming aware of your thoughts. You CAN rewire your thoughts and be kinder to yourself!

  • Make sure to get regular exercise during the week. It does not have to be the traditional going to the gym type of workout. Do what your mind and body feel called to and embrace that time to say thank you to your body. Our bodies do so much for us, we can give a little time and effort back.

  • Meditation or just being quiet. Build this time into your day. It is the best way to destress.

  • Take a walk in nature. Hug a tree. Sit on the ground and just let Mother Nature do her thing.

Let's move on to cleansing. We are absorbing heavy energy all day, every day. The good news is we can cleanse some of that energy away. If you are feeling heavy from the day's events there are many ways you can help regulate the energy imbalance. Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Drink LOTS of water.

  • Take a bath with equal parts sea salt or Epsom salt and baking soda. It also helps to visualize the negative energy clinging to the salt and then going down the drain when you are finished.

  • Receive reiki to allow energy to flow freely through your chakras. When one energy center is blocked it can prevent the flow to another center. When our energy is stuck we feel stuck.

  • Holding crystals like pyrite, black tourmaline, smoky quarts, and so many more help to remove those heavy energies.

  • There are many energy clearing essential oils that can do the trick such as lavender, sage, lemongrass, bergamot, lemon, and Frankincense.

  • As I mentioned before with the bath recipe, salt works wonders with absorbing heavy energy. Himalayan pink salt lamps can change the ionic makeup of the air in your room. They are amazing to have on when getting ready for bed. Trade the blue light from your phone for the pink of the Himalayan lamp to embrace those much needed zzzz's.

Once you have done some grounding and cleansing, don't forget to protect that magnificent energy. You have done some amazing self-care and now it's time to make sure it wasn't for nothing. Here are some ways to keep you on a good vibration:

  • Learn to say no! This can be the start of setting much needed boundaries. It can be a little uncomfortable at first but it gets easier over time.

  • Envision a force field of light or a bubble all around your body and aura. You can visualize beautiful sparkling white, gold, violet, and Safire. It helps to envision pulling your auric field in closer to you when you go into crowded places.

  • Set intentions before going somewhere in your mind. Literally say to yourself I am protected from negative energy or say I am a sphere of light and negativity cannot penetrate. Again, these may sound silly but the more you set the intention the more protected you feel.

  • I love the principals of Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, there are four animals that can protect the energy of your home or office. The green dragon, the white tiger, the black turtle, and the red phoenix. Take a few moments to research energy protection principals of Feng Shui and incorporate it in your home. Having your home feel safe is a huge way to protect your energy.

Start thinking of your energy as the most important currency there is. If you are 'giving' then there has to be some 'receiving' as well. Our wells are not limitless amounts of energy and, therefore, you will start to become depleted. No one is going to make sure you are taken care of better than you. You have to prioritize your energy just like you would in eating all three meals, sleeping, and breathing. When we start to draw on an empty tank we become frantic, resentful, overwhelmed, and lost. Remember, everything is energy. It is possible to stay in balance by using awareness and making new routines. You are worth the investment...always!

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