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Create. Create. Create.

I went for a walk today and the word creativity kept popping in my head. It's such a fun word when we are children but by the time we become adults I feel like it goes from fun to silly and then to scary. I feel like it becomes a word that invokes intimidation because we don't activily make time for it and the more we don't do it the more overwhelming it becomes. However, there are times throughout the day that we are tapping into our creative juices but we don't think that is what we are doing and so we don't identify with it, which makes us believe we can't create.

You might think, why do I even have to be creative, how will that benefit me?! The benefits from being creative could probably be written into a short book so I obviously won't bore you with all those details but some highlights are definitely worth mentioning. You can NOT deny the fact that after you completed a project or task that you didn't look at it and feel proud of your accomplishment! Feeling proud of yourself creates so many happy hormones that just make you feel GOOD! That proud feeling then leads to confidence which, again, is another hormone explosion. Can you imagine those hormones and feelings being on loop for a long period of time?! None of us need to be doctors to know the impact that would have on someone.

Think about the happiest person you know. Close your eyes and visualize that person in your mind's eye. I bet you could even think of a couple people who always have a smile on their face and seem to be in another world. I obviously can't guarantee they are creative people because I don't actually know them BUT I am going to venture a guess that they are tapped into their creative side. Again, these people don't necessarily have to be in a band making music or creating fabulous paintings. These are simply people who have made time for outlets in their everyday lives. It is giving them that centered feeling so they stay grounded and not spiral out of control. This is what creativity inspires in people because it is engaging the mind and that person is coming up with new ways of doing things. This then creates more curiosity to go forward with additional ideas. It brings you back to yourself, it brings you home! Without having to give more examples, I think we all would agree that it's something worth prioritizing.

Over the years the word creativity has come up in numerous conversations with my friends and family. When that word comes up I have actually seen people cringe or laugh and say they don't have one artistic bone in their bodies. Here's the thing about creativity, it does NOT have to be creating an art project. Doing something creative just means you are putting something into the world that wasn't previously there. If you make a batch of cookies, come up with a new idea for work, rearranging all your picture frames or write in your journal. These are all perfect examples of creating. Once you start changing your narrative about what creating has to look like, you will start to see you do it more often than you thought.

Like anything, the more you recognize and do something the better you will become at it. You just have to take the plunge and start prioritizing more creativity in your life. Here are a few ways to help you get those creative vibes flowing...

Set up scheduled times to be quiet and "listen." Figure out when you feel inspired most during the day and remove all distractions and just "be." One of my favorite ways to do this is with a quiet meditation. You will be surprised what fun ideas your mind starts to come up with.

Talk to the Pros. When I decided to set up this website I knew I was SO far out of my wheelhouse so I had to seek help. I couldn't let my lack of knowledge end my creative drive so I had to ask a lot of questions and learn. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have fun creating pictures for my blogs and podcast! The more you talk and understand the easier it is to take that next leap. It is also a great way to meet new people who can open more doors.

Put your phone down and go for a walk in nature. As long as you have no distractions you will be on the best adventure in nature. I can't tell you the number of childhood memories that have come up for me being in nature. Remembering childhood passions almost always end with a great creative idea.

Listen to your dreams. I have been keeping a dream journal for at least the last six months. I can't remember all my dreams but still end up recording quite a few. This has allowed me to find any patterns for feelings or places I may be stuck but it has also given me SO many ideas for this website! I have shot up in the middle of sleep and written down ideas that I have since used. Don't discount the power of your dreams. Just last night my sister-in-law and I were having dinner together and she told me the coolest idea she had from her dream! Now all she has to do is act;)

Sometimes you need visuals. I am not trying to advertise for any particular websites but to be honest, I could spend hours on Pinterest if I didn't limit myself. You might think it's "cheating" to get ideas from someone else but looking at a picture and bringing it to life are two different things. One would call that inspiration. Who cares if you looked at something for inspiration, you still made it come to life in your own way. Look around and find inspiration wherever you go. You might see something at a store and think "I could make that" or see something online. Either way, you are the one doing the heavy lifting.

Now that you have some suggestions on how to tap into your creativity don't lose momentum and put it off for another day. Go create something small, even if it's just trying a new recipe. Think how proud you will feel after you arranged that flower bouquet or thought of a new outfit from your closet. The sky is the limit and you are the only one who can determine how high you go.

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