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At Your Best When You Manifest!

I know the word manifestation gets thrown around quite a bit and maybe it makes you not want to even read this blog but stay with me. It truly is such a powerful tool. I'll explain briefly what manifesting actually is with some very quick steps. You have to read the blog until the end before you have any judgmental thoughts though. No 'judging a book by its cover' allowed here! I'll start with a quote:

What you think,

you become

what you feel,

you attract

what you imagine

you create


I'm going to keep this explanation of manifestation real simple:

  • Get real clear on what you want. What do you want to bring into your life? Saying you want a million dollars to appear is not getting clear. You must envision an idea.

  • Set the right intentions. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to bring into your life becoming intentional with that vision is so important. I like to write my vision down, say it out loud, make vision boards, and find ways to get my idea out into the universe.

  • Apply action. This step can seem super scary because now you are actually doing something about your vision. I like to take things in tiny chunks and then wait to see what shows up in my world after. For example, I might think to myself that I would like to find someone interesting to interview on a podcast. I then start talking to my friends and family about what they find interesting so I'm putting my idea out into the world. By verbally talking to various people not only does someone usually have a fun topic suggestion but they might know someone who knows someone that I can talk to. This is where action is required. I must then put myself out there and introduce myself to someone I don't know to see if they wouldn't mind doing a podcast. Many times I feel like that step is where we get blocked. We start to doubt our worth or let our fear get the best of us and never write that email, send that text or make that phone call. Don't let this happen to you...see it through!

  • Show gratitude. Every time I get a new subscriber or follower I legit say thank you out loud to that person. They can't hear me but I want my positivity and vibrations to go out into the world so it is known how much I appreciate their support. I almost always end up with another follower shortly after. It is truly magic.

  • Visualize and believe. This can be another step I think that gets us all tripped up. We tend to have mental blocks around becoming truly successful therefore we don't want to daydream or believe that it can actually come true. I can totally relate to this because I used to believe if I didn't get my hopes too high then I wouldn't get crushed when something didn't happen. Man was that such a limiting thought. I now believe that if I visualize something and do all these steps and what I am manifesting doesn't come, I know it's because something better is coming that I didn't even consider. This shift in belief has been a game changer for me.

  • Manifest. Buckle up my friends because before you know it, that tiny vision you had is now in your life. You are working on a more positive frequency and once you get a taste of the fact that anything is possible you will NEVER want to give that up.

I have the most AMAZING example of manifestation but I'm going to wait until next week to share with you (Don't let the suspense drive you crazy! Ha ha). I thought about putting it in this blog but that would lengthen the time to read this and I worried about losing your attention. I'll give you a hint...I am beyond excited to share an upcoming podcast I am doing with one of my heroes! Until next week, enjoy manifesting your visions.

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